General English – Intermediate

Rationale for the course

The rationale of the course is to provide an Intermediate level General English course for students to proceed on to after completing the Pre-Intermediate level. Students at this level need to continue building their vocabulary and grammar repertoire to meet basic survival demands in everyday situations and beyond. Students need exposure to a range of situations where they can put their English language skills to work. This course is important in developing students’ language skills in a range of familiar and less familiar contexts.

Profile of target learner group

Students joining the General English Intermediate course will be from a non-English speaking background from a range of countries. They will be over 18 years of age and will have a range of reasons for wanting to learn English. These reasons may be related to personal, social, vocational or future study needs or a combination of these.

It is expected that students at this level will be competent in the Pre-Intermediate learning outcomes and need to build upon these in realistic and relevant contexts. Practical application of language skills is required rather than passive learning about the language. Students are likely to require encouragement to develop their independent learning skills and to develop their confidence to use English outside the classroom.

Your Other Pathways

When students have successfully completed the Intermediate ELICOS English course at BIOT in Melbourne, a future study option is available. You can study vocational courses at BIOT and then continue at an Australian University. BIOT offers the following qualifications as advertised in the website:
As part of our total support program, our friendly staff can assist in helping you to select the appropriate study option that best suits you. Students who have successfully completed the Intermediate level are guaranteed a direct entry to BIOT’s without the need to sit an IELTS tests again.

Duration: 13 Weeks

Tuition Fee: AUD 2450
Course Material Fee: AUD 300

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Course Features

  • Current on
  • Duration 10 weeks x 20 hours
  • Skill level All level
  • Language English
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